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how to vacuum clean stairs

Vacuuming stairs or any part of your home might seem the same. However, the difficulty in vacuuming and going up the stair is what makes vacuuming the stairway more daunting. It is actually easy if you apply a few techniques I will show you here. Also there are different types of stairs. There are carpeted stairs, hardwood stairs and even tiled
stairs. Each of these kinds of stairs require a suitable type of vacuum cleaner for it.

What type of vacuum cleaner to use.
First you want to have a good vacuum cleaner that you can easily move up the stairs. A handheld or cordless vacuum cleaner will do the job. The handheld is easy for you to carry so that you don’t get tired easily. A cordless, so that you don’t get tangled up with the power cord while going up and vacuuming at the same time. That is not to say that you cannot use a corded vacuum cleaner. What you want to avoid at all cost is the heavy upright vacuum cleaner.

Preparation before you start.

Pick up any big items on the stairs before you start. Things like pieces of paper, toys that the children left lying around.
Vacuum cleaning your stairs.
If there are attachments or extensions that came with the vac, use them to vacuum corners and crevices on the stairs. The smaller the attachment the better, because you want to get at those hard to reach corners and edges of the stairs. This is especially true when you are vacuuming carpeted stairs. Make sure you press the extension into the corners because that is where sand and dirt gather a lot. Running the nozzle along the edges in a continuous motion, not a start and stop motion so that you get all the sand and dirt out. Apart from the corners and edges, there is the horizontal and vertical parts of the stairs. Run the vacuum over the horizontal part several times. Then turn the nozzle upside down and use it to vacuum the vertical part of the stairs. Be thorough. Especially, the parts where people step on a lot. That is, the middle and front of the stairs. You need to go over these parts several times to ensure a deep clean. Cleaning hardwood and tiled stairs is much easier than carpet stairs. Because you only need to
run the vac over the stairs once, making sure you cover all the parts that need vacuuming. If you have to use a corded vacuum cleaner make sure it is plugged into the power socket at the top of the stairs. Then start at the bottom. This way the cord is in front of you and you push it up and you go up. This prevents any tripping over the cord.

Finally, if I’m to recommend a type of vacuum for stairs, the handheld vacuum will be my choice. My reason for this is, safety first. With the handheld, you don’t need to lug anything along with you. There is no danger of anything or you falling down the stairs. Just make sure the handheld has enough suction power to do a thorough clean. And if the handheld is cordless, the better. But make sure it can hold it’s charge to finish the job of cleaning the stairs.