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How Long Does A Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Last

The Bissell vacuum cleaner can last for several years if you follow some simple guidelines and instructions. What is a reasonable expectation when it comes to how long your Bissell vacuum cleaner should last? Every vacuum cleaner has factors that determine how long it will last. These factors are mainly due to the quality of the vacuum cleaner parts and the maintenance. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that can affect its longevity.

The Quality.

Bissell vacuum cleaners are renowned for their superior quality and long-lasting performance. From the moment you open the box, it’s clear that Bissell takes pride in crafting durable machines with dependable parts. The materials used to make each model are designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use and last through many years of reliable vacuuming.

Durability of Parts.

At the heart of every vacuum cleaner is its motor, and when it comes to Bissell vacuums, they use high-quality motors that are designed to run for years without needing repairs or replacements. The material used in their housing also helps protect them from damage – think metal instead of plastic – so you can expect your machine to remain reliable for many years.

Maintenance and Care.

No matter how well-made a product is, regular maintenance and care will always be necessary to keep it running at peak performance. With a Bissell vacuum cleaner, this includes regularly cleaning out the dust cup and filters as well as checking the brushes and other parts for signs of wear or damage. As long as you follow these basic steps on a regular basis, your vacuum should last many years before needing any kind of repair work done on it.

How Long Does A Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Last

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Finally, most models come with some kind of warranty protection which can help cover any unexpected costs if something does go wrong with the machine down the line. Depending on which model you purchase, this could range from one year all the way up to five years – giving added peace of mind that your investment won’t be wasted if anything does happen during that time period.

  • Durability: Quality materials used in construction make each model robust enough for everyday use.
  • Maintenance: Regularly clean out dust cup and filters; check brushes and other parts for signs of wear.
  • Warranty : Most models come with 1-5 year warranty depending on model purchased.

Motor And Filter Life.

How Long Does A Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Last

Most Bissell models come equipped with powerful motors capable of achieving impressive suction power – ideal for picking up dirt and dust from carpets, rugs or hard floors. These motors are also built to stand up against wear-and-tear over time, meaning they should continue running efficiently for many years if properly cared for.
Additionally, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters trap fine particles like pollen and pet dander inside your machine – helping keep your home clean and healthy. However, depending on usage frequency these filters need replacing every 3-6 months as debris build up in them over time reducing performance levels.

Bissell Motor Care.

To ensure your motor continues running at peak performance levels, it’s important that you keep the filter clean and replace regularly as necessary. Additionally, make sure to empty the dust bin after every use to help reduce strain on the motor – allowing it to work more efficiently for longer.
It’s also worth checking that all components of your machine are in good working order; paying particular attention to items like belts which can wear away if used too often or incorrectly. If there appears any signs of damage or malfunctioning then contact Bissell customer services immediately.

Filter Replacement.

As mentioned previously, most HEPA filters need replacing between 3-6 months depending on usage frequency and environment conditions. It is recommended that you check before each use whether a replacement is needed – easy done by feeling for excessive resistance when vacuuming.
When replacing always ensure you’re using genuine parts from Bissell; other lower quality products may not be compatible with your model resulting in potential damage or safety risks. And remember never to vacuum without a filter installed as this will greatly reduce suction power while potentially damaging the motor over time due to increased strain.

Maintenance Matters.

Regular maintenance is key when it comes to extending the life span of any appliance – including your trusty vacuum cleaner! With proper care such as emptying out dust containers regularly, checking filter status monthly (replacing when necessary) plus general cleaning around hose connections/brush rollers etc., you can ensure an optimum level of performance throughout its lifetime.
It’s also a good idea not to overwork your machine by vacuuming up big pieces of dirt or putting too much stuff in the bags or vacuum chambers. This could cause blockages, which increase the chance of damage from motor strain or overheating, which could lead to permanent problems with your machine.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance.

Regular maintenance not only extends the life span of your vacuum cleaner, it also helps to keep it running optimally over time. It’s important to remember that regular upkeep isn’t just about making sure parts are in working order – but also that all components are kept clean and free from dirt build-up as well. This includes cleaning out dust containers, checking filter status/replacing filters when necessary, plus general cleaning around hose connections/brush rollers etc.
Additionally, it’s best practice to check for any signs of wear and tear on a regular basis; this will help you identify any problems before they become more serious, which can potentially save you money in costly repairs down the line.


When taking the benefits of proper care and maintenance for your vacuum cleaner into account, there’s no question that regular upkeep is worth investing in! Not only does it extend its lifespan but also keeps performance levels at an optimum throughout – helping you get maximum value from your purchase.
It pays off to take good care of your machine now so that it will last longer and perform better over time.

  • Emptying out dust containers regularly.
  • Checking filter status monthly (replacing when necessary).
  • General cleaning around hose connections/brush rollers etc.

Warranty Protection

To guarantee maximum satisfaction from using one of their products, all Bissell vacuum cleaners come complete with a comprehensive warranty package offering 12 months’ coverage on all parts and labor costs associated with repair work needed during normal operating conditions.
This means even if something goes wrong within first year after purchase replacement items will be shipped free without any additional charges incurred by customer – providing peace mind while making sure product remains working order no matter what happens during ownership period!

What is Covered?
The warranty covers any defects or malfunctions arising from normal use and operation of the Bissell vacuum cleaner. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Replacement parts which are needed due to wear & tear
  • Repair costs associated with damaged components
  • Mechanical failures resulting in abnormal operating behavior

In addition, all labour charges required for repair work will also be covered under this warranty package. So if there’s ever a need to have product serviced then customer can simply contact Bissell directly who will arrange an authorised technician visit at no additional cost – taking away stress hassle involved when dealing with problems yourself!

What isn’t Covered?
Unfortunately, some items may not be included within this comprehensive coverage plan as they are considered ‘non-essential’ items such as filters or cleaning brushes. The same goes for accidental damage caused by misuse/abuse or general neglect – these instances won’t be eligible for free replacement under warranty terms either. Additionally, it’s important note that only products purchased from official retailers qualify full protection so buying second hand units could result in having pay out-of-pocket expenses should something go wrong during ownership period!