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henry vacuum cleaner reviews

The Henry vacuum cleaners come in a range of different colors and features for cleaning your home. It is manufactured by Numeric International Limited. They have specialized in manufacturing various vacuum cleaners. Whether for commercial , household or industrial use. But the Henry range of vacuum cleaners are specially made for homes. Actually this range is world famous, selling in several countries around the world. They are easily distinguishable from other vacuum cleaners because of the smiling face on the front of the vacs. There are different kinds , with different features of the Henry vacs. So to make it easy for you to make a suitable choice, I will highlight the differences between them. You can also see their differences from the table below.

Numatic Henry Extra Vacuum Cleaner with AutoSave Technology HVX200 - 8386894.343+HENRY VACUUM CLEANER REVIEWS$$$
Numatic Top-Seller Hi-Power (but quiet) 2-stage Professional Canister Vacuum Cleaner with AutoSave Technology, with the A1 Accessory tool kit, HVR200A4.342+henry vacuum cleaner reviews$$$
Numatic Top-Seller Hi-Power Canister Vacuum Cleaner, HVR200M-22, "Henry Micro", with Accessory Tool Kit (Color: Red) - featuring the exclusive MICROTEX FILTRATION SYSTEM, approved to the highest standards for those suffering from ALLERGIES 4.55+$$$
Numatic HET200A Hetty Canister Vacuum Cleaner (Pink) 4.025+$$$

Lets look at the Numatic Top-Seller Hi-Power 3-stage Professional Canister Vacuum Cleaner, HVX200-22, “Henry Xtra,” with accessory tool kit . This Henry, has a 3 stage micro fresh filter system that improves air filtration significantly. Apart from this , it has a giant charcoal filter membrane, which effectively controls odor in the house. This is vital for pet owners. It comes with a very powerful 1200watt motor with cable length of 30’ rewind system. It has a 11piece accessory kit which includes:
a) A 15′ Nuflex Threaded Hose
b) A Stainless Steel Tube Bend with Volume Control
c) 2 Stainless Steel Extension Tubes
d) A 12″ Combination Floor Nozzle
e) An 11″ Easy Ride Airo Brush (Red)
f) A Double Taper Hose/Tool Adaptor
g) A 9″ Crevice Tool
h) A 2.5″ Soft Dusting Brush
i) A 6″ Upholstery Nozzle
j) and a 6″ Slide-on Brush for the Upholstery Nozzle

Customer reviews.

This Henry Xtra has 16, 5 star reviews out of 18 reviews (4.8 star ratine) on every one of the customers who purchased it, including those who gave it 3 star reviews, agree that it has a very powerful suction. Great for hard floors and pet hairs.


a) It has great suction power.
b) Great on hard floors.
c) Lightweight
d) Solid build
e) Quiet
f) Odor control
g) Long cord.


a) Not so great on carpets.

Next is the Numatic Top-Seller Hi-Power Canister Vacuum Cleaner, HVR200M-22, “Henry Micro”, with Accessory Tool Kit . this is nicknamed “henry micro” . this henry is built to the usual numatic professional standard, with the Henry specs, which includes,
a) TwinFlo’ vacuum motor,
b) Hi-Lo control for different surface applications,
c) a 30-foot cable rewind and storage system.
However, what makes it different is the added Numatic’s exclusive Microtex Filtration System. This helps allergy sufferers. It also comes with the Henry accessory tool kit. Not many customers have bought this one on just 4 reviews. Three 5star and one 4 star review. Very good indeed.

The next Henry vacuum cleaner review is the Numatic Hi-Power 2 Stage Proffessional Canister Vacuum Cleaner with Autosave Technology (HVR200A HENRY). This is called the HVR200A HENRY. It has.
a) the new AutoSave Technology, which reduces running cost. This is controlled by a switch. High means more power and low means more energy savings.
b) a generous Tritex filter system, which traps all dirt it takes in, unlike some other vacuum cleaner that spill their dirt after vacuuming.
c) and giant high efficiency HepaFlo dust bags, which improve filtration efficiency, cleanliness and capacity.
d) Folding carry handle.
It has a 4.7 star rating from 25 customer reviews on

Then there is the Numatic HET200A Hetty HEPA Canister Vacuum Cleaner. It has all the Henry features specifications already listed above. It is super quiet and you can switch from low to high power. It has 4.2 star rating from 8 customer reviews on amazon.

Looking at all the above reviews of Henry vacuum cleaner, one can only conclude that, this is a very powerful vacuum cleaner. The power of it’s suction is indisputable. Every customers attested to that fact. And it’s filtration system is superb too. However, because of it’s tires it may not be conveniently used on stairs.