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Can I Use My Bissell Vacuum Cleaner On My Mattress? Here’s What You Should Know

When it comes to cleaning our homes, we often turn to vacuum cleaners. But in some cases, vacuuming isn’t always the best option, such as when it comes to mattresses. While you can use a vacuum cleaner on your mattress, there are certain considerations you need to keep in mind before doing so. Here’s what you need to know about using Bissell vacuums on mattresses.

Benefits of Vacuuming Your Mattress

Vacuuming your mattress is a great way to get rid of dust, dirt, and other debris that has collected on it over time. By removing these contaminants from the surface of your mattress, you can improve its air quality and help keep allergens at bay. In addition to this, vacuuming your mattress regularly helps maintain its shape by preventing it from becoming lumpy or uneven.

Using a Bissell Vacuum on Your Mattress

Before using any vacuum cleaner on your mattress, make sure that the model you have chosen is suitable for use on soft surfaces, such as mattresses. Many models are not safe to use in this manner, so be sure to double-check before proceeding. Additionally, when using a Bissell vacuum cleaner on your mattress, ensure that all connections are secure and that the hose is firmly attached. Finally, be careful not to press too hard with the nozzle, as this could damage the fabric or cause indentations in the foam.

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In conclusion, if you want to clean your mattress regularly, then vacuuming might be an option worth considering, especially if you choose a suitable model like one from Bissell’s range. Just remember to take some precautions first, such as making sure all connections are secure and avoiding pressing too hard with the nozzle. With these simple steps taken prior to cleaning, your bedding will remain in top condition for many years!

Understanding Mattress Cleaning Needs

Mattresses should be cleaned regularly for health and hygiene reasons; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a vacuum cleaner is necessary. In fact, most mattress manufacturers suggest spot-cleaning with mild soap or detergent instead of immersing or soaking the entire mattress. This helps preserve the material and reduce the likelihood of staining or discoloration.

The primary way to clean a mattress is by vacuuming it. This removes dust mites, dirt, and other debris that can cause allergies or skin irritation. When vacuuming the mattress, make sure to use the brush attachment on all sides of the mattress and not just one side. Also be aware that some mattresses may have fabric protectors which should be removed while cleaning.

In addition to regular vacuuming, spot-cleaning with mild soap or detergent is recommended for any stains or spills. Start by blotting up as much of the liquid as possible with a dry cloth before applying any cleaning solution. Once you’ve worked your cleaner into the stain using a soft cloth or sponge, rinse with cold water until all traces of suds are gone. Finally allow enough time for your mattress to air dry before making it up again.

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Spot-clean with mild soaps/detergents

Can I Use A Vacuum On My Mattress?

Vacuums can be used on mattresses; however, they should not be used as an alternative for regular deep-cleaning methods. Instead, use them after spot-cleaning with soap and water – this helps remove dirt particles that may have become trapped in the fabric while also reducing allergens such as dust mites.

When using a vacuum on your mattress, take caution to not damage the fabric. Set the suction power to low and use an upholstery attachment or soft-brush head on the nozzle. Vacuum all sides of the mattress, paying extra attention to any stains that may have accumulated over time.

Here are some tips for optimal results when vacuuming your mattress:

  • Start at one end of the mattress and work your way around in small circular motions.
  • Be sure to move slowly while vacuuming so that dirt particles don’t fly out of sight into other areas.
  • If you notice lumps or bumps, turn off the vacuum and gently knead them back into shape before continuing.

It’s important to remember that vacuums should only be used as a supplement, not in place, for regular deep cleaning methods. The best way to keep your bed clean is by using a high-quality machine-washable cover every few months, laundering it according to manufacturer instructions, and spot cleaning with soap and water as needed.

Bissell Vacuum Recommendations

Bissel has several models designed specifically for upholstery cleaning, including their SpotClean ProHeat Pet Upright Deep Cleaner, which features powerful suction technology and specialized tools tailored specifically toward upholstery cleaning needs. The company also recommends avoiding hot water extraction methods unless specified by manufacturer guidelines because these could damage delicate fabrics over time.

Additional Considerations

Before using any type of vacuum cleaner on your mattress, make sure that you read all instructions carefully especially if using a chemical solution along with your machine, and avoid wetting any area more than necessary during cleaning sessions due to potential mold growth caused by excess moisture buildup within fabric fibers.

It is also important that you make sure your mattress is completely dry before using it again. Using a fan to blow air across the surface of your mattress can help speed up this process and prevent any potentially damaging moisture buildup from occurring.

Finally, if possible, try to use an allergen-reducing vacuum cleaner on your mattress in order to reduce the amount of allergens present in the fabric fibers as much as possible. This will create a healthier sleeping environment for everyone who uses it! 
Read the instructions carefully.
Make sure the mattress is completely dry.
Use an allergen-reducing vacuum cleaner.


Using Bissel vacuums on mattresses requires careful consideration but is certainly possible if done correctly and following manufacturer guidelines. Remember: Never substitute deep steam cleanings for regular maintenance and always refer back to user manuals before attempting anything new.”